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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Robo Gam

This is Zemi17 (taylor)
I was a protoresident at LEMUR in January
I worked on adapting some robots they made to play xylophones so that it could play Indonesian Gamelan instruments that I brought back with me after living there for a years.

Check out the composition:

This was recorded by Dok from Amoeba and Peter Priciple at a private session with about 20 people on January 30th at the LEMUR PLEX.

For you Gamelan Heads - the instrumentation was very unorthadox.
The four gamelan instruments were a Balinese Trompong for a Gong Keybar set (Modern Pelog), A balinese Gender tuned Slendro, Balinese Slonding - special 10 key nyong-nyong cinikan with 2 extra keys, and 4 keys of a Central Javanese Mongang with PVC resonators like a Balinese Jublag would have.

This was backed up by LEMUR MODBOTS (shaker, bowls, scrappers, and the circle sheets ones), 2 Balinese Ceng Ceng Kopayak, and 2 big bass drums played by robot arms.


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