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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Max Says Hi

Hello LEMUR fans

I dropped into the lemurplex last week for the first time on this feb residency. Leif gave me a tour of the plex and all the instruments, and I've since begun working on a piece for the Feb 29th show with dancer/choreographer Ellen Godena. 

The xylobot (clanger) will be my main focus for the next couple weeks, as I work out the piece. I will be controlling the robots via a midi mallet controller that I play called the Marimba Lumina. It can play the robots directly, or send them all kinds of quick machiney arpeggios. Last week I also discovered the midi wind chimes controller, which is really interesting when driving the mod bots.  I'm back at LEMUR this week, so maybe some more updates soon.

More about us here:

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